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Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Certified Vegan Essential Oil 15ml

Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Certified Vegan Essential Oil 15ml


              Botanical Name: Eucalyptus polybractea

Main Constituents: 1,8-Cineole: 87.40% α-Pinene: 1.70% β-Pinene: 1.00% Plant Part: Woods and Leaves Origin: Australia Processing Method: Steam Distilled Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A top note with a strong aroma. Eucalyptus Blue Mallee has a fresh, camphoraceous aroma. Blends With: Basil, Cajeput, Cedarwood, Citronella, Lavender, Lemon, Myrtle, Spearmint and Tea Tree.

Having the highest cineol and eucalyptol among the Eucalyptus, it continues to be used as a highly popular Essential Oil throughout the world today.

Cautions: Avoid if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy. For external use only, this is considered toxic if taken internally. Dilute before use; may cause skin irritation in some individuals, so a skin test is recommended prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes.

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