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Cinnamon Broom 36"

Cinnamon Broom 36"


Cinnamon helps move energy in a positive way. That enticing scent you smell when you open your broom is filled with warmth and joy. The scent of cinnamon combined with your intentions can help you create a home and life you love. Just getting the broom and opening it up will bring the properties of cinnamon into your home. Despite the name, Cinnamon brooms are made from Pine straws. They are then dressed with Cinnamon essential oil to give them their unique fragrance. As for their magic: Pine is good for both cleansing as well as money-drawing! Our cinnamon brooms are handcrafted here in Hope, created for you by Zarah’s Crafts & Curios & found at Lindy’s Earth Enchantments!

SKU: Zarah
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